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blossoming heart workshop

June 30    3:00 - 5:00 pm

$15 - $20

This class will combine a flowing Vinyasa practice with longer holds in heart opening asanas. We will tap into the vibrant love and compassion that resides in the heartspace working with a Sankalpa (your hearts intention or desire). Anahata (heart chakra) is called the great transformer, it allows us to alchemize what no longer serves us into what does. This Flow practice will include Heart meditation and a longer guided Savasana.

Sign Up At:   http://uttarayogastudio.com  

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Essence of the heart workshop

July 13 3:00pm - July 15 11:00am

Starting at $418 (includes rooms, meals, and tuition)

Open your heart and connect deeper to your authentic truth. Settle into a profound place of loving presence and take this rekindled courage, compassion and clarity into your life and relationships.

When the heart opens, the world opens up too, it softens, and without effort, you begin to see the radiant beauty in yourself and those around you. Fear loosens its grip, you begin to feel lighter and you fall in love with the world again. The heart has the power to transform pain into purpose, illusion into truth and fear into love.

Join us and begin to align deeply with your own heart, through life’s ups and downs, and start to live with more vibrancy and connection to yourself and others. This weekend is an opportunity for deep transformation.

You will be guided in slow flowing yoga, breathing practices and meditation as you delve into the depths of your heart. We will tap into the love and compassion that resides in the heart-space as we work with a Sankalpa (your heart’s intention or resolve) and Anahata, the heart chakra, known as the great transformer, it allows us to alchemize what no longer serves us into what does. You will learn techniques to connect more clearly to your own authentic truth and ways to live more fully and freely in the essence of your own heart.

Sign Up At:   https://artoflivingretreatcenter.org/  


Joyful yoga conference

August 10-12

Starting at $423 (includes rooms, meals, and tuition)

The Joyful Yoga Conference is a wonderful opportunity to connect with fellow practitioners and become inspired by some of the most influential and engaging teachers in the south east. Whether you are just stepping into the world of yoga and holistic living, or are a seasoned practitioner, come and experience this rare mix of authentic thought leaders and soulful togetherness in the serenity of the mountains.

This conference is a platform to meet and practice with many different expert yogis. By listening and learning from these passionate teachers who live what they teach and teach what they live, you will feel immensely inspired and motivated to delve into the depths of your true, beautiful, whole self.

Sign Up At:   https://artoflivingretreatcenter.org/  


7th Annual Yoga Jam

August 30 - September 02

Join me at Yoga Jam For Namaste Flow, Fairy House Building, Serpent Prana Dance & Children's Dance & Yoga

The love for art, community, music, nature and yoga is the basis of the event. The idea of an event was a thought that arrived like many thoughts arrive. With the passing of the days this thought became enthusiasm and joy and in 2012 it was birthed. This is how the festival was born. Presently it has gone from a 3 Day festival  toward a 4 day event, and is scheduled every Labor Day Weekend. The festival site is in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Floyd County Virginia. The flowing water and gentle mountains create a harmonious climate which pervades throughout the Festival. The spontaneous and genuine smiles of the participants, the beginning of each new day awoken by the first sun rays filtering the canvas of the camping tents, the daily rhythms marked by Yoga classes, music, hikes, fun and meditation, the evenings spent singing and dancing in the vibrant pulse of the various positive artist of Kirtan, Jazz,Hip Hop, Reggae, World Electronic, Country, Blue Grass, Indie, Rock and more, is an experience more to be lived than to be described.  1day or all 4days, visit Floyd Yoga Jam and have yourselves an experience that will nurture your soul for many moons.

Sign Up At:   https://floydyogajam.net/