Guided Healing

Heart Awakening Sessions:
Each session will begin with Centering
 Connecting deeply to the wisdom of your Body & Breath
Holding a container of Space & Love to Facilitate your Growth
Your Remembering
We work with
Your Intention
On Listening and Allowing a shift of Any Stuck beliefs, Emotions or Energies
Of reframing old stories, Re-orienting our stories about who we are and what we are capable of! Leaning into the discomfort of Growth with Grace, humor
We Open up doorways to deeper healing, understanding and Transformation
Creating More Radiant Energy, More Clarity, Focus and Balance
These Sessions Include
Breathing Techniques
Meditation and Focusing
Journaling and Art
Dance, Movement Healing and Yoga Practices

Sessions available in-Person or via Phone or Skype

Price $75 per hour